I touched on this subject lightly at the end of my last blog. When refining your personal style, it’s important to understand that confidence is the cherry on top. Let’s talk to one how to manifest the shit out of it, and blossom into warriors!

First things first: As women we are especially hard on ourselves, picking everything little thing apart. Putting ourselves under our own microscopes. I’ve seen in it myself, and I have hit a point where I am damn sick off it. No way, I want to live the rest of this life not feeling good enough. I choose to recognize that I am good enough, I am worthy, and I want you to know- SO ARE YOU! Recognize where you are at, let go of negative thoughts, and move forward in your personal journey.

Step two: Take the time to truly love yourself. All of your inner & outer beauty, and even the “flaws”. There is beauty in your unique self, that is your magic, and no one else possesses that but YOU! Take a minute, and tell yourself – “I love myself, I except myself.” Positive self talk is a huge help to your self esteem, and success. Rupaul says it right, “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you going to love anybody else.” Right on Ru, loving yourself is powerful!

Step three: It is truly important to take care of your energy, and your body the best you can. Take the time to recharge yourself, if that means a quite minute alone, a walk to the park, or reading a book. Excerise your body & mind, because guess what at the end- it’s your most precious resource. Now go out into the world, and shine bright as the beautiful warrior you are. LIVE in your truth, confidence, and love.

Till next time babes

Live, love, and wear hats,

Polished Raven


Photography: @miel_mel_

Coat: @ditavonteese

Hat & Gloves: Polished Raven

Heels: Nine West

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