No Risk- No Reward

Taking risks with your style is an important step to personal growth & development. Not only do you have fun with your style, but you might even try something crazy enough to turn into your signature look. Of course, if you are into that kind of signature. I know for sure that- I am! I’m not into trends. I’m into what works for my unique features, body, creative eye, and captures my soul. So without further ado… here’s a personal signature style choice I’ve made in the last few years.

So, I’ve had all colors of hair from platinum to black and all the crazy colors in between, especially with being a professional hairstylist since the age of 15. I definitely would love to show you those looks in another post. Anywho, with my name being Ruby, I’ve always got unsolicited input from strangers. “You’re name is Ruby, you should have Ruby red hair!” I was always really opposed to the idea, since I was happy with my black hair for the last bit of time. I thought it went well with my style, skin tone, and features- which it did. But, I was ready for a change. As life so has it, after going through some personal heartbreak- I thought “Why the hell not become a redhead!” And asked to start the process of color correction with the help of my amazing friend & colorist @tianagiacalone. She took the time to pull out all the stops- with 6 different custom color techniques & mad skills. I did show her a few photos, but ultimately I told her to use her judgment. To pick a red that would be the best for my overall look. I was open to this change. Ultimately I thought of that phrase- “Change your hair- change your life.” So, let me tell you without taking the risk- I would have never known, my color is red. I have never gotten this kind of positive response to a hair change in the past. I think I was on to something, I think I truly found what works for me. Being a redhead for me, has been truly empowering. It has brought me a sense of peace, when it comes to looking in the mirror. I love what I see, especially without even a drop of makeup on.

Let me tell you, I am not telling you to take such a risk on trying something new. It could be as simple- as trying a new color of lipstick. Something you can change if it doesn’t mix with you. Try a new dress in a color that you normally wouldn’t try. Or a new style of sunglasses, or a hat! You might just surprise yourself. Take risks, have fun, live in confidence & love. No better time than the present! Carpe Deim that shit.

Till next time babes.

Live, love, and wear hats,

Polished Raven


Photography: @miel_mel_

Hair colorist: @tianagiacalone

Outfit: Vintage

Hat for purchase at: Polished Raven

Heels: Nine West

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