Dressing well & the perception of effort

I keep receiving the same complement, “I love your look- I just don’t have the time to put that kind of effort into mine.” Guess what, neither do I!

Let’s just be honest, I have dressing down to a science. Yes, I enjoy it. Yes, I find pleasure in it. I do it for myself first & foremost. I also, enjoy being efficient when it comes to getting ready. Here’s a few of my secrets to my illusion of looking as if you took hours getting ready.

Start with staple pieces, a great little black dress. For example, this particular vintage satin dress carries 4 simple details that called out my name- color, fabric, shoulders, and sleeves. Simple, but contains deadly details! I paired this dress with classic noir kitten heels from decades of fashion sf, and a large noir chapeau with style & flair from Polished Raven.

I adore slipping on a go to dress, grabbing a purse, placing a chapeau on my head, and running out the door. Can you believe this hairstyle only took me 5 mins? I like convenience just like anyone else in this fast pace world- just like the girl next-door. Time is an illusion of the senses, make time work for you- not the other way around.

Next- my thought processing on dressing is simple. It is, understanding accessories can change even the simplest dress into many different looks. I do not overwhelm myself with a huge closet full of clothing. I have timeless pieces- I can rework to make them different every time I wear them.

I have dressed this way for many years. So, I carry a large variety of hats, gloves, purses, jewelry, and shoes to choose from in my closet. I continue to put energy into growing a vast accessory collection. As I enjoy the time, care, and thought that goes into timeless dressing and design. Bonus for me is to successfully accomplish it without overwhelm.

My final secret is confidence. It is truly the secret sauce- the turning point to building your own personal style. Understanding fully, the clothes don’t make the personality, the personality makes the clothes!

You too can dress well, and have the perception of effort. If you can rock your fashion choices with courage and confidence, you can truly have it all. Just remember, you are wearing the clothing- don’t let them wear you. Go out there, live boldly and remember- YOU GOT THIS!

Till next time babes.

Live, love, and wear hats,

Polished Raven


Photography: @miel_mel_

Dress: Etsy

Hat: Polished Raven

Heels: decades of fashion sf

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