Weekly Hat Inspiration 5/28/2018


Sundays in Chinatown

Follow me through Chinatown in our new “Kitten” Berets, and in the shop MEOW! #stylediaries #polishedraven #polishedravenhats



A walk through Pickwick Gardens

Located in Burbank, surrounded by Disney, Universal Studios, Warner Brothers, and NBC. There sits Pickwick Gardens, originally just a trailer park, with the community pool built in the 1940s. Since 1955, the Stavert family has owned this land, and in 1958 they started construction on the bowling alley and ice rink. Here’s some interesting tidbits I found out about Pickwick…


Pickwick has attracted a darker energy, you should probably come and visit to find out for yourself. The pool was known for multiple injuries and diving board fatalities that arose. So back in the 1980s, they filled in the pool with dirt to make the beautiful and stunning gardens that I am standing in right now. Lush flowers, large trees, and multiple fountains fill the courtyard. I thought something lighter in color would be airy, and perfect in this garden setting. I am wearing my vintage 1940s chocolate brown balloon sleeved dress, and leopard wedges from Aldo. Topped off with a stunning 1940s tilt hat from Polished Raven with amazing feather detail and lime & teal blue dotted veiling.


The ice rink some may be convinced that it has been built over a “death magnet.” Management denies deaths on the ice rink,  the deaths seem to swarm the premises but nothing to do with their ghost story. *Yes, I said a ghost story..  There have been confidential reports to ghoula (ghost hunters of urban Los Angeles).

*Waiting for confirmation on this  information from Stavert.


When I look at the past photos, I think to myself I would have come a relaxed here by the pool. Back then, it always attracted celebrity gossip, along with misconduct. And, I probably would have gotten myself into some trouble here. Let me say the Pickwick Gardens are gorgeous, and I’m thrilled to find such history for this property. The things I find when just enjoying the Pickwick Vintage Show with Jessica from @noaccountingfortaste. Till next time..

Seduce & Destroy,
Ruby Mae Collins

“An idea, like a ghost, must be spoken to a little before it will explain itself.” -Charles Dickens

Dress: Vintage 1940s
Hat: Polished Raven
Earrings: Vintage (gift from my Mom)
Shoes: Aldo
Sunglasses: Retro Sunnies (Bette)

The Bridge Between Two Worlds – Part I

Thriving out of such sweetness and light, the desires of Hollywood- living in the shadows and smoke is the life made for me. Take a walk with me through the darkness of this smoky, glamorous world every single week. I will be spreading through Hollywood like a black tide.


In loving memory of the men who built the Pasadena street bridge back in 1912, I am donning one of my favorite 1950s noir suits from @noaccountingfortaste. Paired with my signature waistline, courtesy of Dark Garden Unique Corsetry out of San Francisco, California. The black cherry on top is always, and forever my Hats from Polished Raven– Millinery & Vintage hats. The piece is called “Laura,” and it is custom made from all vintage pieces and hand sewn in Los Angeles. In celebration of the first blog post, and surely more to come, see below for a savings code to be used in the online store.

The bridges Beaux Arts arches, light standards, and railings give it a very distinctive and all the twentieth century appeal you could hope for. Style, and elegance a perfect pair walking along in this life.


Built in 1912 the Pasadena Street bridge took $191,000 to build, it spans the Arroyo Seco located in Pasadena, California. Designed out of concrete, this beautiful arch bridge was built by Waddell & Harrington out of Kansas City Missouri. The Pasadena street bridge spans 1486 feet, and has an intriguing past and present. Many have filmed at this bridge including Emergency, Full House, and The Amazing Race to name a few. Hollywood would not be complete, without fabulous back seamed stockings, and the highest heels I could find in my closet from Palter DeLiso, in ruby red of course. Aren’t they divine.



For me as a film noir lover. I am obsessed with mystery, crime, and all the in between. Pretty much all the films I watch there’s no “good guys” there’s only flawed characters. Such is life, we as humans are not perfect, and no one gets out alive. In 1932, Pasadena Street bridge was coined the “Suicide Bridge”- during the early part of the twentieth century after dozens leapt to the demise. Even while construction- a worker fell to his death some say, he is “still there.”

A deadly, sad, but calming energy fills the air here for me. Living in the shadows and smoke is just fine from where I am standing…  more about the bridges haunted history to come, until the next time darlings…

Seduce & Destory,
Ruby Mae Collins

“There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are the messengers of overwhelming grief, of deep contrition, and of unspeakable love.” – Washington Irving


–Get the look–
Hat: Custom Millinery from Polished Raven  use code: 
DARKFASHION20 through sunday
Vintage suit: @noaccountingfortaste

Top: Tatyana
Underneath: Dark Garden Corsetry 
Stockings: Leg Avenue (style 7947)
Heels: Palter DeLiso
History reference: