A walk through Pickwick Gardens

Located in Burbank, surrounded by Disney, Universal Studios, Warner Brothers, and NBC. There sits Pickwick Gardens, originally just a trailer park, with the community pool built in the 1940s. Since 1955, the Stavert family has owned this land, and in 1958 they started construction on the bowling alley and ice rink. Here’s some interesting tidbits I found out about Pickwick…


Pickwick has attracted a darker energy, you should probably come and visit to find out for yourself. The pool was known for multiple injuries and diving board fatalities that arose. So back in the 1980s, they filled in the pool with dirt to make the beautiful and stunning gardens that I am standing in right now. Lush flowers, large trees, and multiple fountains fill the courtyard. I thought something lighter in color would be airy, and perfect in this garden setting. I am wearing my vintage 1940s chocolate brown balloon sleeved dress, and leopard wedges from Aldo. Topped off with a stunning 1940s tilt hat from Polished Raven with amazing feather detail and lime & teal blue dotted veiling.


The ice rink some may be convinced that it has been built over a “death magnet.” Management denies deaths on the ice rink,  the deaths seem to swarm the premises but nothing to do with their ghost story. *Yes, I said a ghost story..  There have been confidential reports to ghoula (ghost hunters of urban Los Angeles).

*Waiting for confirmation on this  information from Stavert.


When I look at the past photos, I think to myself I would have come a relaxed here by the pool. Back then, it always attracted celebrity gossip, along with misconduct. And, I probably would have gotten myself into some trouble here. Let me say the Pickwick Gardens are gorgeous, and I’m thrilled to find such history for this property. The things I find when just enjoying the Pickwick Vintage Show with Jessica from @noaccountingfortaste. Till next time..

Seduce & Destroy,
Ruby Mae Collins

“An idea, like a ghost, must be spoken to a little before it will explain itself.” -Charles Dickens

Dress: Vintage 1940s
Hat: Polished Raven
Earrings: Vintage (gift from my Mom)
Shoes: Aldo
Sunglasses: Retro Sunnies (Bette)